About Us

JO!  by Creative Jordan




JO! by Creative Jordanis a newly established FashionBrand presenting its Womenswear collection forSpring/Summer ’18.

The Jordanian traditional garments, colours, drawings andembroidery have evolved into an original contemporary  stylecatering to an international taste.

JO! Is casual, sophisticated, unexpected,modern, dynamic, fresh and timeless.



The Bedouin worldhas been the main source of inspiration: very easy-to-wear garments,contrasting colors, indigo-Bluedyed fabrics, decorated with a touch of embroidery.

The very unique ‘Diamond’ Jordanian embroidery stitch, that has disappeared in the recent past,has been revived through new geometricalembroidery patterns.

The traditional drawings have been translated intomodern and precious embroideries on thegarments. Asymmetric and unexpected embroideredtouches create interesting dynamic placements, making the pieces have unusual uniqueness.



Thesimple straight and ‘A’ line shapes of the traditional garments were developedinto easy-to-wear clothes for a new casual but sophisticated wardrobe,  mostly suitablefor daily-wear.

Shirts,shirt-dresses, top and blouses, short jackets and longrobesare the core of thecollection.



The traditionalIndigo-Blue hand-dyed fabric has been replaced by the contemporary and timeless Denim fabric. Original fiber mixturescreate new concepts: the texture of linen, combined with the softness and smoothness of Cottonand Tencel, reaches a sophisticated blend and an unexpected touch.A charming Cotton Sateen Denim combines the feelingof the casual material with a shiny surface. In addition to Denim,our crispypoplin fabric offersa fresh touch to the collection.



JO! Collection is part of CREATIVE JORDAN project and represents a new important step for Jordanian garmentindustry.

CREATIVE JORDAN is part of the regional project ‘CREATIVE MEDITERRANEAN -Resilience Through Creativity’;Funded by the EU and the ItalianDevelopment Cooperation and implemented by the United Nations Organization forIndustrial Development (UNIDO).

The aim of ‘Creative Jordan’ is to improve and foster the design and manufacturing process in thegarment industry and facilitate the access to local and international markets.

JO! ByCreative Jordan is developed in collaboration with the Garment Design & TrainingServices Center (GSC)in Amman, and engages a team of Jordanian designers and local manufacturingfactories.